Stay if you please, you may not be here when I leave.

August 29, 2008 at 1:07 pm (K-Murder)

Dear Diary,

I think Agnes gets confused sometimes.  I am not loud, just expressive.  She should know about being expressive.  She makes weird noises and faces at people all the time.  She told me she can’t help it, but I don’t believe her.

Speaking of Agnes’ weird noises.  When I asked her to sunless tan my naked body (a joke mind you) she made a weird face and noise.  I think she was more flattered than she let on.  In fact she kept telling eeeeeveryone about it (the blog before last…case and point).  I think I detected a hint of bragging…interesting.

Also, did I mention she has started calling me “Sweet-Thang?”  It makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  The way she says it is also really creepy, with this weird “Deliverance” southern twang.  I keep looking over my shoulder for the little inbred kid with the banjo every time she says it.

The thing that really bugs me about Agnes is that I get no appreciation.  Last night I took her out driving for like 30 minutes and yelled obscene things out the window to people while blasting “Lean on Me” to make her laugh.  I don’t do that for anyone else, Agnes.  Also, I got really sarcastic when we were at The Station listening to Obama’s acceptance speech just to get her to giggle.  Do you know how dangerous it is to mock Obama in Carrboro?  I almost got eaten by hippies except for the fact that everyone there was vegan.


PS-I was supposed to mention Catherine in my next blog.  She is a Phd student at Duke and she is my new BFF (despite the fact that she doesn’t have an Ivy League education..*scoff*).  We like to do things like go to the dairy and eat our ice cream holding hands.  We also draw each other beautiful pictures to put up in our offices.  She even framed one of her drawings for me as a gift.  It was an incredibly life-like drawing of her and I holding hands and enjoying our ice cream as we often times do.  Maybe I can share some of her beautiful drawings on here once I receive another one.


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